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Shanghai Qnode Technology Co., Ltd


Shanghai Qnode Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise engaged in the R & D of rail transit equipment, focusing on the research and application of train safety operation protection and AI intelligent system. Relying on Tongji University's forward-looking R & D capability and strong R & D team, the company has jointly developed rail vehicle active safety system, active and passive obstacle detection, LCU (logic control unit) and other intelligent products for future rail transit applications, which have been successfully applied to "Shenzhen line 6", "Shanghai line 7", etc., occupying a leading position in the industry.


"Preciseness, innovation and excellence" are our core values. Focus on the development of rail transit field, do a good job in every work with a rigorous attitude, provide reliable products for rail transit; innovate and develop high-tech products with high application value for rail transit, "provide green travel for the masses" as the mission, and pursue excellence and high quality for people, products and platforms.



   The field of rail transit is closely related to life. We always take "life as the responsibility" in our heart. We are steadfast in technology and work and meticulous in products. The pursuit of 100% safety products is our unswerving goal.

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